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Tropical storm Linfa weakened rapidly as passed over rural Guangdong on Thursday night, the Hong Kong Observatory said on its website.The Observatory raised the T8 signal at 4.40pm today as Typhoon Linfa approached after making steady landfall in the eastern Guangdong city of Lufeng.Just like finding true love, finding a true friend seems to be a nerve wracking task.Friendship is based on honesty, loyalty, integrity and respect.Linfa was downgraded to a severe tropical storm before 6pm, but the Observatory continued to warn of the threat of high winds and deteriorating weather conditions.However, as the area of gale force winds associated with Linfa continued to decrease significantly, the Observatory said it would consider lowering the storm signal.It is a well said quote:“Love asked friendship why you exist when I already exist.Friendship replied to bring a smile where you leave tears”Those who have been betrayed by love would know the meaning of friendship as well.

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"Life is better when we have someone to share it with!

If you have got a best friend then you are one of the luckiest people in this world.

Finding an honest friend who will stick by your side without any selfish mean is a real blessing.

Perhaps we should rename April fools’ day “spoof products launch day”, considering the impressive number of fake products and wacky services announcements we’ve heard about on the internet over the weekend.

From Hong Kong Airlines to Expedia to Google, brands have all came up with their own practical jokes to get us laughing (or wondering if they actually exist).

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