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Turns out, the person you met the net is actually interesting and charming in person!And most of all their physical appearance aligns with the photos associated with their social media accounts, and they may even be more attractive in person (Note: Some professions are against employees/members with prolific social media activities).Although Swagger Scan insists on verification before trust, there’s no need to break out the hazmat suit on your first date with your next online flame.If the two of you can agree […] Continue reading Swagger Scan’s Second Law of Virtue – Always Scan Your Swagger – Never let the good vibes override your better judgment One of the great wonders of the online experience is when we actually fall for someone we meet on social media.

And yes, it’s TOTALLY FREE and easy to join (Enter Name and Email address and your in!

Ed has also been a guest speaker at the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans.

Wells Frice is a Portfolio Manager/Research Analyst with more than 30 years of investment experience in various markets with an emphasis in common stocks.

If your online dating experience leads to a face-to-face, and that face-to-face encounter leads you two to explore a relationship, be sure to travel together to strengthen […] Continue reading Some say that the ‘Age of Technology‘ began with the creation of the atom or in the 17th century when the Greek term first appeared in English making reference to ‘the arts’.

Others believe that technology began when the first personal computer was created by Steve Wozniak or in 1983 when the first batch of […] Continue reading When it comes to dating and millennials, living young wild and free is considered both a part of life and a divine right for many college students.

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