Shipmates dating show

Email and ip addresses along with the sexual preferences of millions of people all around.Tips on how to be a match made in the last two days i have no idea where to look or what sorts.I'm sure somebody else could write funny things for a different host, but no delivery could ever reach his level.Often the daters are mismatched, and I suspect that the powers that be do this intentionally, so that when sparks fly, we're there to see the action.For some weird reason, oversized vehicles were a big deal in the '00s: hummers, buses, and Tony Soprano's Escalade were all huge.The producers of "Shipmates" are absolute geniuses. Either way, Shipmates is an awesome example of how to produce a dating show.I would argue that the type of person that doesn't enjoy Shipmates is missing out on one of life's great pleasures; laughing at other people's misery.I'm a guy, and I'm totally hetero, but I LOVE Chris Hardwick. Its the first thing I've ever seen him in, but I want to check out more of his work.

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On other similar shows, the "contestants" are set up and filmed over a matter of hours.

The difference is that Shipmates takes place over 3 days.

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