Not that intimidating

Parents, remember, you are bringing up someone else’s mother or father, and wife or husband.

The same discipline techniques you employ with your children are the ones they are most likely to carry on in their own parenting.

Frank Trejo is a longtime journalist and writer, having reported on topics ranging from immigration to crime news and features.

You might think most gyms are filled with incredible hulks and smiling supermodels, surrounded by mysterious, sinister-looking weights and machines. Cindy Whitmarsh, San Diego-based fitness and nutrition expert Finding the right health club could mean the difference between lasting happiness or a quickie split that costs you money.Interfering with a witness’s testimony or cooperation in a criminal case is a criminal act that can be misdemeanor or a felony.Intimidating or tampering with a witness involves trying to get a witness to lie, say certain things under oath, alter or destroy evidence, or not testify or cooperate with authorities at all.Examples include: Some states’ statutes criminalize intentionally influencing a witness by any means.Others require a use of force, threat of force, or use of intimidation or coercion.

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