Finishing costs include the time it takes to write complex CAM programs with the minute stepovers that the moldmaker hopes will result in mirror finishes, along with the numerous hours it takes to hand polish areas that come off the machine without complying to the user’s surface finish specifications.These hours are not only expensive, but also tend to be anxiety-ridden because there is a customer somewhere waiting for the delivery of his mold and he will only be getting it after hours of tedious manual polishing has been completed.So, it is no surprise that Dave King, owner of Choice Tool (Minneapolis, MN), was all ears when Brian Pascoe from Prototek Engineering (his local CAM reseller) called to inform him that these cost factors were about to change dramatically.Pascoe told King that the latest version of his CAM software, Mastercam from CNC Software, Inc.The specific CAM technology improvements that Choice Tool received training in were Opti Rough (a 3-D full flute roughing toolpath based on Mastercam’s Dynamic Milling technology) and the unique advanced Toolpath Refinement algorithm used for making granular changes to finishing toolpaths in order to achieve exceptionally high surface finishes.Two of the most labor-intensive and costly operations in a mold shop are roughing and fine finishing.MAN Diesel & Turbo South Africa has been gearing up to seamlessly transform the local operation into a Center of Excellence for turbine blade manufacture, while at the same time going beyond its usual markets and vigorously entering the power generation arena.To hear him tell it, George Beauchemin has one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet.

They wanted to develop a process that would allow the customer to consolidate 6 machining operations that they were using to make a highly complex part.Paddy Gavin has been the owner and operator of GQ Machine since he started the company in 1990.Over those years he has experienced growth spurts, but nothing like what he has seen during the past five years.As the software is BETA, not all features are fully functional – please thoroughly test your files before purchasing a Pro license!Purchase a License Download Page While Mach3 does come with Lazy Cam for very simple tasks, it is recommended to use a full CAM program.

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