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The Pi Kappa Phi fraternity at Coming and George streets is at the center of a College of Charleston conduct investigation into allegations that members attacked a fellow member at his home in April after a party at the organization's house. The ordeal, which left the student bloodied and bruised, sparked an investigation by police and the school, marking the latest setback for the Charleston fraternity scene marred lately by allegations of sexual misconduct and a drug ring involving current and former members.

Andrew Knapp/Staff The 21-year-old College of Charleston sophomore said a noise startled him from a drunken slumber. He walked downstairs, where he said four men punched him. It also renewed questions statewide about measures to dissuade misbehavior and ensure accountability — in courts and on campus — for members of student organizations who step out of line.

Intercrural sex (from inter- and Latin crura, "legs"), also known as femoral/interfemoral sex/intercourse, is a type of non-penetrative sex, in which a male places the penis between the receiving partner's thighs (often with lubrication Joan Roughgarden refers to standing, face-to-face intercrural intercourse as the "gay male missionary position" of Ancient Greece in a section of her book Evolution's Rainbow (2004), which draws heavily on Dover.

Intercrural sex among men who have sex with men (MSM) is sometimes known as the "Princeton First-Year", the "Oxford Style", the "Oxford rub", or the "Ivy League rub", and is a form of same-gender frottage, or colloquially "frot".

Cosby and his agents, as they had with other women, offered Constand money for school when her mother, Gianna, called to confront him in January 2006.

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A Charleston police investigator cited "mitigating" factors for arresting no one in the April attack.

Intercrural sex appears to have been common during the medieval era; for example, a contemporary document titled the "Altercatio Ganimedis et Helene" (The Debate of Helen and Ganymede) depicts Greco-Roman mythical figure Ganymede describing the "slippery thighs of a boy" as superior to the "stink and gaping looseness of the female cave." A 1997 report on the sexual health needs of males who have sex with males in the Calcutta suburbs found that 73% of men asked engaged in intercrural sex, though the frequency varied based on demographic factors: only 54% of sex workers, 50% of lower income men and 40% of Muslims reported intercrural sex; while 82% of Hindus and 88% of middle income men reported engaging in it.

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Bill Cosby doesn’t plan to testify when he goes on trial Monday on sexual assault charges, but the rambling, remarkable testimony he gave in the accuser’s lawsuit could still prove pivotal.

Bill got drunk and lay on the sofa staring at the maid that came to clean up the mess he made of the room.

She wore a blue apron and a short dress that barely covered her black panties revealing a couple of seductive hips.

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