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So, with proper understanding, love and affection, Love marriage will be preferred.

Marriage is done to spend life easier for boy and girl.

Yes, it's true that we should not go against our parents but sorry to say, friends, no doubt our parents always think for our better future but it doesn't mean that every decision which was taken by them will be good for our future. Now, we are mature, we have an ability to think if we can choose a better partner for our future then why not we should?

While it does have its share of pros, parents still need to approach this mammoth beast with caution.Everyone saying that if we are going with b love marriages this hurts our parents the most but I want to ask you guys are you going to live with him/her or your parents. As your going to be together for every good and bad happens in your life. Hi friends, I am in favour of love marriage but it doesn't mean that I am against of arrange marriage. I would like to say as people have already mentioned above that we must have a mutual understanding.It's you right so, of course, it's your right to choose your partner as this is not for your time being this relationship is going to be for life and you have to be satisfied with it so guys go on weather arrange or Love marriage be sensible and be confident in urself on what you choose. We must have faith and respect for each other, it is either love marriage or marriage.Cartoon Network, Life On The Edge, Up Late, I hate waking up during a good dream and it won't come back!, Digital Bible, WE LOVE TINTU MON, I still laugh when everyone else is over it, Albin Joshy, Hard Rock Cafe India, Sathyam Cinemas, Sleeping in Class, I Am Joking, Being Indian, College Humor,, Filter Copy, Daniel Koren, Kochi Metro Rail,, All India Bakchod, Tech Insider, Mohanlal, Huff Post UK Lifestyle, India Film Project, The Peace Movement, Street Art Globe, Now I've Seen Everything, Thinking Minds, The Rookies, Jalals, The Hook, Thinking Humanity, BBC World Service, Etaki Entertainment, Cheech and Chong, HERB, Meir Kay, 101 India, Adlien David's art, Never Stop Learning, Moviebuff, Stone Bench, Uplift Connect, Heavenly Mist Holidays, Cory Poole Photography, Art of the Initiate, Team LU MIX, Morgan Freeman, Eclectic Events Production, Mother Of Sarcasm, JFW, Galaxy Note 3 Accessories Latest, The Film Tribe, Ananthu Nair, 83 Miles Per Hour, Swastika '17 Techno-Cultural Fest, Raging Bull Actors Studio, Kappa TV, Poorman Productions, India Community Digest, White House Media Productions, Manorama Online, Photo Tantra, Barbara Bezina Art, Nick Bibby Sculpture, Art People Gallery, Chandy's Digital Studio & Video, Narendra Modi, National Geographic TV, Anjali Menon, Psychology - The Interesting facts, Truth Theory, MINDS, Sujith Govind, Sandra Wilson, Vijay Sethupathi, The Sarcastic Retards, Lumiere Wedding Company, Friday Film House, I fucking love science, Peter England, Yepme Shopping, Guru Media Films, Robopedia - A Robotics Community, Footcandles Film, Epic Sarcasm, Recall network, Ad Freak, Advertising Age, Johnny Depp vs Orlando Bloom, Filmedia Literacy Forum, Funny Pranks, The Orange Leaf - Chennai, The Richest, Word Porn, Cinematography, Just Johnny Depp - Original, Dabboo Ratnani Photography, Nirvana Films, Dave Mc Elfatrick, LJ Films Pvt Ltd., Laljose, Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Unilever, International Justice Mission, MUNZ Photography, Mullen Lowe Lintas Group, Kapil sharma, FIRE BIRD, Chennai, India, Leader Light and Sound/Recording Studio, Photos That Shook The World, Don't Call Us Crazy, VR photography, Pixl Media Studio, Filmelon, Virtuosos'12, Lekha Foods.

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