Dating traditions in latin america

Across Central and South America, there are many different traditions to ensure wealth and well being for the coming year.

Other than enjoying a pyrotechnic show when the clock strikes midnight, many people adhere to at least one, or a combination of, traditions that might seem strange to many around the world.

When you introduce your bride to your family, you might wish to keep this tradition in mind.

Two Bouquets For devout brides in Mexico, it is customary for the bride to carry two wedding bouquets, one for herself and one to present to the Virgin Mary during her wedding ceremony.

The plays depict the birth of Christ including the shepherds, the three kings and the search for the manger.

Often performed by children, the plays are performed in full costume and are often very elaborate.

Depending on your bride’s home country, you might want to consider adopting some of these revered traditions from Central and South America.Posadas: Posadas are a Catholic tradition that first emerged in Spain but is now most commonly celebrated in Mexico and Guatemala.Beginning on the 16th of December and running until the 24th, Posadas involve a reenactment of Joseph and Mary's search for a shelter where the Virgin Mary could safely give birth to Jesus.Many Latin American women are very spiritual, and traditions regarding their religion are treasured.Family at the Alter In some Latin countries like Chile, only the parents and godparents walk to the alter with the couple.

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