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He is an adept air mage and is said to be one of the best students in his class.He has also already earned at least two affinity stones: one for using fire to dispel an elemental, and another for using air magic to create an illusion.Examples given are the teaching on the reservation of ordination to males, Neither of these has been the object of a solemn definition.

These statements are part of the ordinary magisterium of the church.

Such solemn declarations of the church's teaching involve the infallibility of the Church.

Pope Pius IX's definition of the Immaculate Conception of Mary and Pope Pius XII's definition of the Assumption of Mary are examples of such solemn papal pronouncements, but are the only two to ever have been granted.

Alex was an apprentice of Master Rockmaple at the Magisterium. For this, in his Copper Year, Alex was recruited by Master Joseph for his plans.

He began training under him, along with Joseph's son, Drew.

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