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Chapter 1: An Unusual Training Day."Man I can't wait to get back to village; I have been waiting to get my ramen forever." Said Naruto; grinning from ear to ear."Geez, Naruto you are not going to live that long if you just keep eating ramen." Said Sakura looking at Naruto with her eyebrow raised.

As the team 7 approached the village a sigh of relief came from Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto."Well, I am going to report to Lady Hokage. " Said Kakashi as he vanished leaving a trail of leaves blowing in the wind."You don't have to tell me twice." Exclaimed Naruto as he sprinted towards the Ichiraku Ramen Bar.

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He gave his normal response of turning the other way and disappeared."*sigh* now what am I going to do." Sakura thought to herself.(At the Hyuuga complex)Hinata came out of her room with excitement, telling herself that today is the day that Naruto comes back from his mission; and she will finally be able ask Naruto out on a date to confess her feelings.

"So Deidara, trying to steal her before the rest of us, eh? The rest of them stood up, angered by his statement.

"Well now, I haven't exactly gotten to meet everyone yet."He laughed. And we all agree: you're pretty hot, un.""Oh really? That's why I came to find you, un." He smirked again. "Just as Tsuki was about to answer, there was a crash, and the rest of the Akatsuki came tumbling in through the door. Hidan stood up, brushing imaginary dust off of himself. Like she'd want to go out with any of " He made a gesture at them all.

Hinata and Her Little Fox Naruto has been away on a mission with his squad for about 3 weeks and has been restless from being deprived from his favorite ramen.

However, today will be a strange beginning for two lives.

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