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– Photo: Patrick Ecclesine/SHOWTIME – Photo ID: IDUH_S1_PRArt2.

R Pictured: (Standing) Melissa Leo as Goldie, RJ Cyler as Adam, Stephen Guarino as Sully, Erik Griffin as Ralph, Jon Daly as Arnie, Al Madrigal as Edgar and Jake Lacy as Nick; (seated) Michael Angarano as Eddie, Ari Graynor as Cassie, Andrew Santino as Bill and Clark Duke as Ron.

Trying on clothes, drawing on beards for top lols and testing out the kooky fish-eye filter was a weekend well spent. but now, in our current technological climate, where everyone takes pictures of their every move, it has become clear that the modest webcam pic was all good practice for the era of Instagram and Snapchat.

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When he saw himself on the big screen, the deadpan son immediately shook his head and mouthed 'that's my mom'.

Then his mother glanced up from her phone and immediately winced and shook her head with disgust.

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