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And they would only want to talk politics and religion, instead of sports, music, entertainment. He said that people don’t question the intelligence of a school teacher, but they think very differently of a store clerk. We texted a lot this past Sunday and he confirmed that he’s not just dating to date. I know an Algerian women, she is really nice,educated,beautiful,religious and seemed good to me from behind the computer. We have plans for marriage in the future, but before this. I have to spends more than a thousand dollar for all the expense. You must concentrate on your life, a women would automatically come into your life, that Algerian women wants me to take her into some developed country not in Algeria or to Pakistan. Well, I'm living a good life in Pakistan, my carrier is going great and so is my job.I have plans for coming to Algier in Feburary 2010. I'm happy for all that I have and in the near future, I would have my own company too, so I will be looking after my own work. I wanted to see, if this relationship can be possible, will we be able to live together and understand each other in the future also. I mean, when I talk about this, people say you are crazy and find some women in your country,city.I also have plans for post graduation and research related regarding my field.

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